Functional Drinks

The call to life of the product is given by the health consciousness coming to the fore, the accelerated lifestyle, and the demand for modern technology.

Our functional beverages not only kill people’s thirst, but also contain physiologically beneficial components: they may strengthen the body’s defence mechanism, contribute to the reduction of disease risk, and improve physical condition.

  • Multiple drinks – different sizes
  • High performance, fully automated machines with drink counter, which
  • prepare the trendy drinks with postmix technology (in a fully automated, closed dispensing system), which dispensing system commercially has a major importance:
  • free of storage
  • energy-efficient and
  • a solution guaranteeing low maintenance
Functional - Real Fresher

Our Fresh up model has been developed for the size (27 cm) of sport bottles, thus ensuring the compliance with the specifics of the most relevant fields of application – such as fitness rooms, gyms, recreation sites, sports centres and other sports facilities.

  • The metal body provides space for six 5 litre bag-in-box tanks – thus allowing 6 different drinks at the same time
  • which can be offered in non-carbonated and carbonated, refrigerated and non-refrigeratedversions
  • all of these can be dispensed not only in 500 ml glass, but in 2 and 300ml glass as well after some button press
  • This machine also prepares fresh drinks with postmix technology: the mixing part is a hermetically sealed system, so the air is not in contact with the ingredients. Due to the closed system the drinks can be kept for longer periods.
  • In addition – by meeting the highest hygienic standards – antibacterial components are used with automatic flushing and built-in wash program
  • and in order to energy-saving use, we have provided our machines with standby function
  • We have created a construction that can be controlled through Wi-Fi and internet with the intent to solve remotely a possible electronic problem, and the possibility of reporting without time limit
  • its 10.1” display can be used for advertising communication purposes in addition to the control.            
  • Illuminated cup holder enhance the high-tech experience
  • the construction can be connected to water supply or works with external water tank
  • in its version as a vending machine any payment method is possible – it is provided with coin acceptor, change giver, bill note reader and credit card payment systems
  • we use ASCO´s MidMix System  MidMix-II-Logo-klein