Valdo Cafe System Kft.

The Valdo Cafe System Ltd. is a European company with more than two decades of experience of making and distributing fully automatic coffee and cold beverages machines. The owner was the first to start to develop table vending machines in Eastern Europe; and still keeps its first and only manufacturer position since then.

At the beginning only instant coffee machines were part of our offer, but for today the cool, functional and uniquely roasted, fully automatic bean coffee machines with post-mix system can be found in our range.

The catering sector and operators of the retail establishments make up the majority of our customers.
We sell and distribute our machines worldwide – leasing and service maintenance is carried out in the following countries from our offices in Europe.

We are committed to the new, user-friendly and value for money solutions, technologies, which are implemented in our new developments. Following the changing market needs, we continue to develop and satisfy specific needs, orders…