Why from us

The history of Valdo Café System Ltd. (link to the company’s history) dates back to the early ‘90s, when the owner addicted to his passion compiled the first table, automatic coffee machine in his garage.

By now, it has established itself as a service provider exporting custom-made machines worldwide and providing lease structures for commercial units in several European countries.


However, over the years the nature of manufactory has not changed, so we assemble each machine with manual labour force and makes them unique by the inclusion of the maker’s name.

Our mission is the manufacturing of such reliable machines, with which it is possible to serve large numbers of people quickly, all of this effectively, with the lowest cost and effort (environmentally friendly), by continuously ensuring consistent quality.

By taking into consideration the newer and newer technologies and customer needs we are continuously developing by offering our machines to the service of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

We put great emphasis on the quality of the components for the reliable, and long and energy-efficient operation.

Our filler offer is characterized by refreshments from (international) manufacturers, well-known in service construction, high quality instant coffee made with freeze drying technology and coffee blends roasted individually, by type. (link to the countries)

Our services inhere in the name of the company: Valuable Automatic Liquid Dispenser Offer

  • 25 years of experience
  • Production and distribution concentrated in one hand
  • Competitive, high quality constructions
  • Fast response to market changes
  • An increasing number of individual orders
  • More than 1200 live reference partners

This is Valdo Cafe