Instant Office line -
Instant Office line

with 2 tanks – normally with coffee and milk powder fillers, as well as

  • they are equipped with internal water tank, thus it does not cause a problem, if it is not possible to connect the machine to the water supply
  • they need small space – thus an excellent choice for commercial units, offices offering coffee with minimal surfaces
  • with 8 types of coffee drinks
  • they are fully automated equipment controlled by microprocessor, thus
  • stock-taking is possible – its counters record the traffic by drink types separately or in aggregate, even on a daily basis
  • they are constructions with high capacity developed for low power consumption
  • with high performance, thermally insulated, stainless steel boiler
  • with high quality parts
  • with lockable door for the safety of the tanks
  • Built-in wash program and automaticflushing ensure the easy cleaning
  • the stainless steel construction increases hygiene


  • Cup heater tray
  • Illuminated cup holder