Instant San Remo -
Instant San Remo

  • has a wide selection of drinks (13 types)
  • hard-working hot vending machines, with which
  • the basic coffee drink or a coffee speciality can be prepared within 6-8 seconds
  • guaranteeing automated, consistent quality in case of every coffee making
  • construction that can be installed to water supply (in order to avoid manual filling)
  • each piece of the parts used is designed for industrial use – they permanently comply with heavy usage
  • therefore, it is ideal for various catering facilities, hotels, canteens
  • it is equipped with built-in counter, due to which sales can be recorded by drink types and in aggregate
  • Lockable door ensures the safety of the tanks


  • its easy maintenance is supported by the built-in wash program, the automatic flushing, and
  • the inox interior and exterior
  • the preparedness’ status of the drink of choice can be followed on the digital display


  • Cup heater tray
  • Illuminated cup holder