Our machines suitable for making cold smoothies are also popular not only among children.

The fully automatic machine prepares the milk or water-based drinks in a closed dispensing system (postmix).

Commercially, they have parameters of major importance:

  • Each piece of the components used has been designed for industrial usage, therefore they permanently comply with the high workload.
  • Stock-taking is possible
  • Due to its modular structure, the automatic flushing and the built-in wash program they are easy to clean
Frappe Bar

Our machine, that can be connected to water supply and dispensing milk-based beverage powders, cools the drinks to the set temperature with a refrigeration compressor before dispensing.

With fillers perfectly soluble in cold, hot and cold smoothies can also be prepared.

The 5 product tanks allows the arbitrary varying of 5 product types – served in 2 or 3 dl size

  • metal, stainless steel body
  • postmix system
  • electronics controlled by microprocessor

Characteristics of Frappe bar:

  • construction tailored to tall glass
  • The built-in wash program and the automatic flushing help to keep clean
  • Optionally built-in payment system – payment with coins, banknotes or chips – with coin test control