Beans - Lumina -
Beans - Lumina


  • Swiss, 64mm flat burrs ceramic grinder, (with a lifetime of >200 thousand cups, and 2 seconds/serving grinding speed) with motor lock-block protection
  • Quiet Rotarypump with minimal vibration (made of stainless steel)
  • Constant highpressure of 16 bar
  • Self-developed automatic metal coffee group


All of these – with the support of metal parts – ensure that with our Lumina coffee machine a perfect coffee can be made in a short time, and that we can guarantee the long-term construction with industrial performance.

We continue to enhance its longevity with

  • metal and stainless steel heating system,
  • Stainless Steel boiler/ heating system.

It's energy-efficient operation is due to

  • three-stage heating system (preheating) and
  • the standby function (after an adjustable time out of service the machine switches to standby mode)saves up to 80% energy.

Hot drinks can be made in two types of mode:

  • the fast mode supporting take-away service or
  • the barista mode, which allows laminated drinks for one touch of a button (like made by your favourite barista)

It hasbuilt-in control for


  • the product tanks
  • the coffee ground and the liquid (dray)
  • the appropriate pressure


All of these can be checked on the 10.1” touch screen display.

  • The LCD screen is the surface of the desired beverage selection, which displays 12 type of short and long coffee specialities in full beverages list mode
  • and 3-4 choice of drinks in case of reduced beverages list (breakfast mode)
  • the 18 cm tall glass capacity allows the dispensing of long drinks
  • The use of the appropriate glass is assisted by the glass sensor

Easy and hygienic to use and to clean, which is supported by the built-in rinsing program and the automatic flushing
For the fast, accurate, efficient and automatic inventory&product management we used NFC chiptechnology

The premium experience is ensured by

  • the LED illuminated cup holder
  • the motor lock-block protection
  • the lockable containers of coffee beans

The construction can be controlled via Wi-Fi or internet, so the possible electrical problems can be solved from distance. The online connection also provides the drawing of reports without a time limit.

  • PID temperature control (proportional–integral–derivative controller) with PWM control technology
  • brewing monitoring system (the recording of temperature, pressure and water level parameters back for 90 days)
  • especially quiet operation

Furthermore, our Lumina model is characterized by

  • in its version as a vending machine any payment method is possible – it is provided with coin acceptor, change giver, bill note reader and credit card payment systems
  • All of this in elegant, metal, brushed stainless steel  body, with steel and brass parts and black display…


  • Cup heater tray