Our products

In our product portfolio fully automatic, table-top designs can be found.

Our table-tops successfully combine the quality of professional machines with the selection of vending machines.

The placement of our coffee and cold beverage vending machines is primarily recommended to such places, where there is high transit traffic, there is a need for fast service and consistent quality – for example snack bars, grocery stores, bakeries, hotel breakfasting, self-service restaurants, eating houses, fitness rooms, tobacco shops, customer lounges, businesses, offices and other work collectives.

Our developments our popular due to the

  • wide choice of drinks (3-14 depending on the machine type)
  • easy handling (fully automated machines)
  • reliable operation (high performance and industrial components)

Characteristics of each machine type

  • they are made of acid-proof and stainless steel
  • the constructions are developed for high capacity, with high quality parts 
  • operation of our machines is simple
  • they are easy to keep clean
  • they are fully automated equipment ensuring fast service
  • stock-taking is possible – its counters record the traffic by drink types separately or in aggregate, even on a daily basis

Depending on the type of machine

  • they are machines installed to water supply or with water tank
  • they have communication digital display
  • they are machines with 2-6 tanks – the selection of drinks, accordingly, can be minimum 3, maximum 14.

Valdo Café is the manufacturer of various types of vending machines within the hot and cold beverages constructions – from a reasonable number we also undertake custom developments…


Master Shake machines deliver your customers a choice of great tasting drinks

  • Protein shakes
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Health Shakes
  • Yoghurt shakes
  • Ice coffee
  • Juices

Instant Revolution

Comfort, hygiene, speed, - these are the main criteria of instant coffee beverage dispensing machines.

Smart Espresso

The typical coffee flavour with the prestige value and the spreading of aroma can be ensured by coffee machines making freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Juice machine

Our cold drink vending machines are machines with post-mix system, which prepare (using a beverage concentrate as a base) the frozen drinks in a closed system, then serve them for a touch of a button.

Functional Drinks

The call to life of the product is given by the health consciousness coming to the fore, the accelerated lifestyle, and the demand for modern technology.


Our machines suitable for making cold smoothies are also popular not only among children.

Custom design

We are pleased to realize specific need, so

Coffee Roaster & Home Pleasure